The Jupiter Pirates

The first book of my middle-grade series, The Jupiter Pirates, will be published by HarperCollins on Dec. 23, 2013. You can pre-order The Jupiter Pirates: Hunt for the Hydra from Amazon or Barnes & Noble — or look for it in your local bookstore soon.

The Jupiter Pirates coverThe Jupiter Pirates is part high-seas adventure and part space-age epic — a saga about a solar system on the brink of war and one family caught in the middle of it. It’s technically a middle-grade book (for ages 8 to 12) but older readers will like it too.

Here’s the elevator pitch:

When you’re a privateer, running a starship is a family business. And for Tycho Hashoone, his twin sister, Yana, and their older brother, Carlo, the family business is far from easy.

For starters, they have to make a living however they can, all while dodging pirates and Earth’s dreaded warships. They have to please the Jovian Union, an alliance of moons that provides the Hashoones their letter of marque against Earth’s merchant fleet. But hardest of all, the siblings have to impress their mother, Captain Diocletia Hashoone, who keeps a log of how they perform on every test, simulation, and mission aboard their family starship, the Shadow Comet. Because while the three siblings might be crewers together, only one of them will be chosen as the Comet’s next captain.

More adventures of Tycho Hashoone and his siblings are on the way — the second book is being edited, and I hope to start writing the third this winter. It’s been a blast and I can’t wait to share these stories with readers of all ages.

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