I’m a writer, editor and occasional journalism consultant based (inevitably) in Brooklyn, N.Y.

I write fiction for adults and young readers, as well as essays and articles about technology, sports, online media, music, travel, history, and anything else that interests me. I also keep my eye on the world of digital news, particularly sports and sportswriting. The first book of The Jupiter Pirates, my middle grade series about the adventures of a family of space pirates, will be published by HarperCollins in December 2013. Read more about The Jupiter Pirates here, or at the official site.

Jason Fry’s Dorkery, my Tumblr, offers regular updates about what I’m writing or doing at the moment.

I spent nearly 13 years at The Wall Street Journal Online, where I was a columnist, editor and projects guy. In Web years, 13 years is basically forever — or at least long enough to accumulate more than 1,000 bylines and learn a heck of a lot about how journalism works online. My duties included writing daily and weekly columns (“The Daily Fix” and “Real Time,” respectively), editing writers and coaching them to write effectively for the Web, serving as WSJ.com’s first blogs guru, and representing the editorial department on numerous projects in partnership with Dow Jones business strategists and software developers. After leaving the Online Journal, I consulted with news organizations for EidosMedia, an innovative maker of cross-media editing-and-publishing software, before hanging out my shingle as a full-time writer and editor.

I’ve been a baseball blogger at Faith and Fear in Flushing since 2005, when a WSJ.com experiment led to writing for an entirely new set of readers and caused me to reconsider everything I thought I knew about writing and building an audience. The smartest move I ever made as a professional writer was to start a blog.

I’m a former adjunct faculty member at the Poynter Institute, where I spent a year as an ombudsman for ESPN. That role grew out of a weekly digital-sportswriting column I wrote for Indiana University’s National Sports Journalism Center. I collected 19 of my best NSJC columns ( along with new material) as an ebook, Sportswriting in the Digital Age. It’s got a wealth of practical advice about writing for the web and creating a journalism career in today’s swiftly changing media world. Check it out in Kindle format from Amazon here, from Barnes & Noble here, or from Smashwords (PDF and other formats) here. Or you can get it through Apple’s online bookstore.

I’m mostly retired as a digital-media consultant (for reasons I explain here), but my thoughts on the challenges and opportunities for digital-age journalism are archived at my blog Reinventing the Newsroom.

If I can help you with writing, editing, telling stories or thinking through the challenges of digital news, drop me a line. If you came to check out some of my writing, have a look around. Either way, thanks for visiting!


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